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The Diva Cup - Reusable Silicone Menstrual Cup


1 DivaCup; Available in Three Models

Clean. Comfortable. Convenient. Simply empty and clean the The DivaCup 2-3 times every 24 hours, and discover the freedom of not having to worry about carrying and disposing of other products. Trusted for over 15 years, DivaCup is eco-friendly, cost-effective, comfortable, and leak-free. A Better Period Experience.

12-hour leak-free protection and ultimate comfort

100% silicone - with no latex, rubber, plastic, or BPA. Clean. Comfortable. Convenient. The Diva Cup is the freedom you've been looking for!

Diva Cup Model 0 is for those new to the world of periods or 18 years of age or younger. Model 0 is 1/8th inch in diameter smaller than DivaCup Model 1.

Diva Cup Model 1 is for women between the ages of 19 and 30 and who have not delivered a baby (either vaginally or with a caesarean). Suitable for medium menstrual flow.

Diva Cup Model 2 is for women over 30 or for those who have delivered a baby either vaginally or by C-section. Model 2 is 1/8th inch in diameter larger than DivaCup Model 1. Suitable for heavier menstrual flow.

Reusable silicone period cups are perfect for sports as well as for letting you sleep uninterrupted through the night.

Let's face it, period care isn't really the first thing on our minds. But did you know that a clean, comfortable, and convenient solution exists? The Diva Cup offers women of all ages 12 hours of leak-free protection, giving you peace of mind all day long, even overnight. It's perfect for all daily activities, and travel too.

The Diva Cup is made from 100% healthcare grade silicone and is free from chemicals, plastics, and dyes. Because it's reusable, you'll save money and help protect the environment.

The Diva Cup is easy to use. Unlike tampons, it's inserted low in the vaginal canal. Simply use one of the fold options and insert into the vaginal canal as recommended in the handy user guide. When inserted correctly, you can't even feel it. It's brilliant.