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J'Adore Bracelet


J'Adore = I adore. And I do! What else do we adore? This friggin' bracelet! It looks like a literal warm hug from a bestie. Hand-beaded with 6mm frosted rose quartz, and chrysanthemum stone polygons, j'adore cette bracelet! 

*this listing is for one (1) bracelet*

For those who believe: rose quartz is one of the worlds most valued quartz varieties as it encourages the heart to open, bringing more trust and love into our lives. keywords: love, emotion, release. 

Chrysanthemum stone (also known as the flower stone) is said to bring about good fortune, good luck, and great opportunities, and can help people who would like to live more "in the moment." this stone was first discovered in japan, but has also been found in china, canada and the usa.