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Ibanez GRG140-SB - Gio Electric Ssh Pu's, Poplar Body-Sunburst

The Ibanez RG has been at the heart of Ibanez’s product line since 1987 and many of the company’s signature artist designs are based on the RG spec. The Gio series brings that legacy to players in it’s most affordable form. The GRG140 electric guitar offers an impressive spec featuring the versatile HSS pickup configuration, basswood body, maple neck and FAT-10 tremolo bridge.
Countless pro players favour the HSS pickup configuration as it negates the need to bring both a single coil-equipped guitar and humbucker-equipped guitar on a gig. Sonically, the GRG140 will handle everything from pristine cleans to bluesy grit to metal grind. The Fat 10 Tremolo bridge is perfect for adding subtle vibrato to chords or adding attitude to lead lines whilst still maintaining tuning stability. As for looks- the sunburst body, chrome hardware and white scratch plate give the GRG140-SB a timeless look that still screams with Ibanez attitude!
These guitars always come impeccably set up for maximum playability right out of the box. In our opinion, the GIO series is a no brainer for aspiring musicians seeking their first quality instrument.